Closed For The Season!

(**) = Final Status in Question 

May 27th – Stearns Tournament

September 8th –  Tuesday Night Calcutta 

                         --  Kyle Linder Memorial Tournament 

September 9th -- Dart League Tournament 

September 10th -- Senior Games 

September 15th – Adam Nesbitt Memorial       

                          -- Patty LaCaprara Crime Victims Tournament

September 16th -- Nite Owls Tournament 

September 22nd – Provolone Open   +    Tokos Tournament

September 23rd -- Post Office Tournament 

September 29th/30th – Captain Morgan Tournament

June 2nd – Rock Mt. Bible Camp Tournament

June 10th -- Binghamton Teacher's Tournament 

June 16th – Section IV Wrestling Tournament (Downstairs)    

June 17th – Father’s Day Tournament

August 3rd – Fesseden Tournament

August 4th –  Legion Tournament     

                  -- Whitney Point Class of '78 Reunion  

August 5th – Oz Pendell Tournament

August 11th – Lisle Fire Deptartment Tournament

August 12th – Masons Tournament + Ladies Open 

August 25th – Holbrooks 9 Hole Tournament         

                    -- Captain + Mate Tournament (**)

August 26th -- Friday Night Couples Tournament 

August 31st – September 2nd – Ford Hill Open 




October 6th -- Mini Ryder Tournament 

October 15th -- Corcoran Senior Event 

July 1st – Member/Member

July 7th/ July 8th – Club Championship

July 14th – Johnson City Band Tournament

July 21st –  Willow's Wings Pet Sanctuary Tournament    

                -- Whitney Point Class of '88 Reunion  (**) 

July 28th –  2nd Annual Pete Patten Memorial Tournament  

                -- U-E Wrestling Tournament  + 

                -- Whitney Point Class of '68 Reunion




Ford Hill 2018 Tournament + Event Schedule (as of 5/6/18) 


April 14th – Rotary Taste of Spring (Upstairs)